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Published Poems

What Did You Imagine Would Grow?, anthologized in The Wonder of Small Things: Poems of Peace and Renewal, Storey Publishing (2023)  

Some Quiet Evenings, The Sun Magazine, Issue 571 (2023)

Family History, Qu, Summer issue, Volume 18 (2023)

Paper Anniversary, Qu, Summer issue, Volume 18 (2023)

Security Deposit, Palette Poetry (2023) 

The Last Men on Earth, anthologized in Night Forest: Folk Poetry and Story, Flying Ketchup Press (2023) (reprint)

The Night the Lights Went Out in Moore County, North CarolinaRattle Magazine: Poets Respond (2022) 

Anxiety Disorder, Fourteen Poems, Issue No.9 (2022)

Sacramento1994, The Greensboro Review, Fall issue, No. 112 (2022)

The Crow, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2022)

Butterflies and Moths, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2022)

Enjambment, Poet Lore, Volume 116 3/4 (2022)

What I Wish I Learned in Therapy, Poet Lore, Volume 116 3/4 (2022)

Cervical Stenosis, Rhino (2022)

Postcards from the Dead (Ten years later...)South Florida Poetry Journal, Just Say Gay Issue (2022)

Astronauts, The Southern Review, Vol. 58.3 (2022)

Breakfast in South America, Alaska Quarterly Review, Vol. 38, No. 3 & 4 (2022)

After the Adoption, Litmosphere: Journal of Charlotte Lit,  Issue 1 (2022)

Find a Friend, Litmosphere: Journal of Charlotte Lit,  Issue 1 (2022)

Naturalization, Tar River PoetryVolume 61, Number 2 (2022)

House of the Spirits, Little Patuxent Review, Issue 31 (2022)

Ghost StoryNinth Letter, Winter Issue (2022) 

Confession, SLAB, Issue 16 (2022)

No Windows, No Doors, anthologized in Our Silent Voice: Break the Silence (Our Silent Voice LLC, 2021) 

Confession, anthologized in Our Silent Voice: Break the Silence (Our Silent Voice LLC, 2021) (reprint)

I'll drink too much one night, anthologized in Our Silent Voice: Break the Silence (Our Silent Voice LLC, 2021) (reprint)

On Monogamy, South Florida Poetry Journal, Issue 23 (2021)

To My Flirtatious Friend Who Made a Pass at My Husband on FaceBook, South Florida Poetry Journal, Issue 23 (2021)

My Name is Earl, South Florida Poetry Journal, Issue 23 (2021)

Idle Worship, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2021)

Inscription, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2021)

Gay Divorce, Sycamore Review, Volume 32, Issue 2 (2021)

This Morning After the Riots, anthologized in The Year: 2020 (Cracking the Spine, 2021)  

DroughtCanary, Summer Solstice (2021) (reprint)

Hike to Warrior Point, Sauvie Island, OregonCanary, Summer Solstice (2021) (reprint)

Sitting Cross-legged in My Garden at SunsetCanary, Summer Solstice (2021) (reprint)

On Turning Fifty, Tar River Poetry, Volume 60, Number 2 (2021)

Our Patron Saint of Good Trouble, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume VI (2021)

Waiting, The Midwest Quarterly, Spring Issue (2021)

The Gardener, The Midwest Quarterly, Spring Issue (2021)

Swimming Back to Zoloft, anthologized in A Tether to This World (Main Street Rag, 2021)

Ocular Migraine, Crab Creek Review, Spring issue  (2021)

Dog in the Pear Tree, Crab Creek Review, Spring issue  (2021)

Hoyt Arboretum Under Spring Rain, Canary, Spring Equinox (2021) (reprint)

May Day 2020Canary, Spring Equinox (2021)

Marine Layer, Canary, Spring Equinox (2021) (reprint) 

To the White Egret I Saw Take Flight on the Eve of My DivorceCanary, Spring Equinox (2021)

Every Body Lies, Plainsongs, Volume 41, Issue 1 (2021)

Faustian Bargain, Red Wheelbarrow, National Edition (2020)

Hoyt Arboretum Under Spring Rain, Atlanta Review, Fall/Winter issue, Vol XXVI, No 2 (2020)

After Reading That Americans Are Having Less Sex, High Shelf, Issue XXIV (2020)

Hike to Warrior Point, Sauvie Island, Oregon, Potomac Review, Issue 67 (2020)

Why All the Vandalism? Coffin Bell, Volume 3, Issue No. 4 (2020)

Bohemian Rhapsody 1991, South Florida Poetry Journal, Issue 19 (2020)

What I Learned, anthologized in Voices Amidst the Virus (Lily Poetry Review Books, 2020)

My Mother's Black Dress, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2020)

I'll drink too much one night, SLANT, Summer issue, Volume XXXIV (2020)

White Privilege, anthologized in We Are Antifa: Expressions Against Fascism, Racism and Police Violence in the United States and Beyond (Into the Void, 2020)

The Devil's Bartender, Montreal International Poetry Prize, finalist (2020)

Almost Like Being Choked by a Lover, Kissing Dynamite, Issue 21 (2020)

Midday Train to Vienna, Pinyon, Spring issue, No. 29 (2020)

A Note to the School RegistrarBurningword Literary Journal, Issue 95 (2020)

Give Me A Dog Named OutrageHawaii Pacific Review (2020)

From Our Train Window I'm Watching the Hills and Trees, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume V (2020)

How Could He Do It?, The Briar Cliff Review, Volume 32 (2020)

Waiting for the Diagnosis, Hawaii Pacific Review (2020)

Language Immersion, Common Ground Review, Spring/Summer issue, Vol 21, No 1 (2019)

Phone Call (So Prone Am I...), Common Ground Review, Spring/Summer issue, Vol 21, No 1 (2019)

GraceAtlanta Review, Fall/Winter issue, Vol XXVI, No 1 (2019)

Final Destination, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2019) 

A Year After the Divorce, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2019)

Investment Advice, California Quarterly, Volume 45, No. 1 (2019)

How We Learn, Pinyon, Spring issue, No. 28 (2019)

Regret, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume IV (2019)

Phone Call (Years Later...), SLAB, Issue 14 (2019)

Our First House on Yamhill Street, glassworks, Spring issue, No. 18 (2019)

Something Old, Something New, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2018)

Above and Below, Atlanta Review, Spring/Summer issue, Vol XXIV, No 2 (2018)

Revival, SLANT, Summer issue, Volume XXXII (2018)

How to Cut a Bell Pepper, Pinyon, Spring issue, No. 27 (2018)

Cerulean Blue, California Quarterly, Volume 44, No. 1 (2018)

Good Evening, California Quarterly, Volume 44, No. 1 (2018)

The Starry Night, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume III (2018)

Rebirth, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume III (2018)

Latin Dancing, Third Wednesday, Winter, Vol XI, No 1 (2018)

For Christmas, Third Wednesday, Winter, Vol XI, No 1 (2018)

On My 45th Birthday, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume II (2017)

My Father’s Son, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume II (2017)

Financial Advisor, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume II (2017) 

How We Know It's Spring, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2017)

Drought, I-70 Review, Summer/Fall issue (2017) 

Marine Layer, California Quarterly, Volume 43, No. 1 (2017) 

Postcards From the Dead, Third Wednesday, Winter, Vol X, No.1 (2017)

Why Not the Sun? SLANT, Volume XXXI (2017)

A Moment More Perfect, Windfall: A Journal of Poetry of Place, Spring issue (2017)

Strolling to the Fountain at Director Park, Windfall: A Journal of Poetry of Place, Spring issue (2016)

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