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2023 | "Security Deposit," First Place Winner of Palette Poetry's Love and Eros Prize, selected by Carl Phillips.

2022 | "Butterflies and Moths," nominated for Pushcart Prize by editors of I-70 Review.  

2022 | Any Dumb Animal, finalist for Western Connecticut State University's Housatonic Book Award.

2022 | Any Dumb Animal,  Honorable Mention in North Carolina Poetry Society’s Brockman-Campbell Book Award contest.

2022 | Any Dumb Animal, da Vinci Eye finalist in the Eric Hoffer Book Award.

2022 | "Find a Friend," 3rd Place Winner, Lit/South Award in Poetry, Charlotte Lit, selected by Nickole Brown and Jessica Jacobs.

2022 | "After the Adoption," semi-finalist, Lit/South Award in Poetry, Charlotte Lit.

2022 | "Cervical Stenosis," finalist, 2022 Founder's Prize, RHINO Poetry.

2021 | "Dog in the Pear Tree," nominated for Pushcart Prize by editors of Crab Creek Review.  

2021 | "Bohemian Rhapsody,1991," finalist for Missouri Review's Miller Audio Prize in Poetry.

2021 | "The Commitment," finalist for the Knightville Poetry Prize at The New Guard.

2021 | "Bohemian Rhapsody,1991," nominated for Best of the Net by editors of South Florida Poetry Journal.


2021 | "Idle Worship," runner up in Sandy Crimmins Prize in Poetry, hosted by Philadelphia Stories magazine.

2020 | "Faustian Bargain," winner of Red Wheelbarrow Prize, selected by Dorianne Laux and Joseph Millar.

2020 | The Last Men on Earth, chapbook, finalist for Quarterly West's annual chapbook prize.

2020 | "Bohemian Rhapsody, 1991," "This Morning After the Riots," and What I Learned" finalists in Joy Harjo Poetry Contest hosted by Cutthroat, a Journal of the Arts.  

2020 | "It takes no time at all," finalist for The Sewanee Review annual poetry contest.

2020 | "The Devil's Bartender," finalist for Montreal International Poetry Prize.

2020 | "How Many Minutes?" finalist for New Millennium Writing Award.

2020 | "Give Me A Dog Named Outrage," nominated for Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net by editors of Hawaii Pacific Review.

2020 | "Hoyt Arboretum Under Spring Rain," finalist for Atlanta Review International Poetry Contest.

2020 | "After Reading That Americans Are Having Less Sex," finalist for River Heron Review's Annual Poetry Prize.

2019 | "Final Destination," nominated for Pushcart Prize by editors of I-70 Review.  

2017 | "Marine Layer," nominated for Pushcart Prize by editors of California Quarterly.  

2017 | "Financial Advisor," second place winner in Crosswinds Poetry Journal's annual contest.

2017 | "The Starry Night," winner of International Merit Award by Atlanta Review.

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